On September 23rd, 2012, following a series of teleconferences, we as a group of Believers, decided to meet at the home of Brother Maxwell and Sister Bendu Gooding to pray and discuss the issues that led to our break-away from Christ International Baptist Church.

The issue of how best to move forward as a group desirous of remaining together as a Faith Community with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was of utmost importance. Prayerfully, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we unanimously decided on the following:

  • That we remain united as a group of Believers and not allow the issues that led to our break-away divide us.

  • That we continue to meet every Sunday at 11:00am at the Gooding's residence to pray and seek God's Face for direction and guidance as how to move forward in His Name.

As we continue to meet regularly every Sunday, the group became larger, and the reality of church formation became obvious. Through the Grace of God, we selected Evangelist Rose Roberts to lead the Worship Services, voted in a nine member Board of Trustees, a seven member Board of Deacons, and a Church Secretary. The Eternal Life Missionary Baptist Church was eventually birthed at the home of the Goodings. All Glory to God for the love and hospitality shown us by the Gooding family. For this act of Godly love, we will forever remain grateful. The membership rapidly grew, and by the Grace of Almighty God, we rented a building in Southwest Philadelphia.

We are grateful to God for the Spiritual guidance of the late Reverend Dr. G. Daniel Jones who counseled and advised us. He also visited and preached an encouraging sermon from the Word of God. Also, this history will be incomplete if we do not acknowledge Reverend Betty Wright- Riggins, who graciously took time of her busy schedule to prayerfully take us through the healing process. We give God the Glory!

We had a number of visiting Pastors, but we also prayed fervently for someone permanent to lead us as a Spiritual Head. Through the Grace of God, we were led to contact Reverend Charles Jones who was already familiar with our situation. Reverend Jones consented to become Mission Consultant/Pastor of Eternal Life Missionary Baptist Church. He stressed that his job with the American Baptist Church required a lot of travelling, and he couldn't provide the kind of services we would need as a church to the fullest. Through the goodness of God, Reverend Phaedra D. Blocker joined us, and later became Assistant Pastor. This worked so well for us. We thanked the Almighty God for both Pastors who contributed immensely to the Spiritual growth of the church through their teachings, preaching, and guidance.

In 2017, Pastor Charles Jones and Assistant Pastor Phaedra Blocker peacefully resigned their respective positions. They both had additional duties and responsibilities to perform in the Master's Vineyard that required them to move on.

Reverend Valerie Andrews, who was no stranger to us, was extended an offer to serve in the capacity of Transitional Head which commenced on Sunday, January 7th, 2018. The Officers and members convened a congregational meeting on November 11, 2018 and unanimously voted to extend the "Call to Pastor" to Reverend Valerie Andrews, of which she prayerfully and graciously accepted. To God Be the Glory!



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